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Don't buy your Psychometric testing preparation pack before you read this!

So we were asked by our members to give a review on the various Psychometric testing packs available in the UK for graduates.

We looked at the following 5 test pack providers:

  1. AssessmentDay

  2. GraduatesFirst

  3. JobTestPrep

  4. PracticeAptitudeTests

  5. GraduateMonkey

For the review we looked at the websites, the material provided, price and the duration of access.

Prices, access duration and test offered can be summarised in the following table correct as of May 2017. There is no point buying from more than one provider as it would be a case of overkill and a waste of your precious time which should be used for job applications.


The 3 main tests that we encounter in 70% of graduate testing ( in finance, banking, law and consultancy ) will always include, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and some form of Critical reasoning. The only 2 providers that meet this criteria is JobTestPrep and Assessmentday. We couldn't justify spending close to 3 times the amount on JobTestPrep as the offerings on Assessmentday are far better.

Duration of Access

We felt that the 12 months was more than enough time for access, from our experience 6 months is more than enough time to prepare for a test.


The only site we felt we had to eliminate early on was GraduateMonkey, the site does not look like it has been updated for a few years and examples seem to be US finance based. With a 12 month equivalent price of £149.97 we would say avoid at all costs.

Try before you buy

On this front AssessmentDay wins hands down with the most free try out tests in all its categories when compared with the others. If you want to take a look you can click here.

Number of Tests included

The other tests that we deem useful for graduates are the In Tray and E Tray as these are used at some assessment centres. SJT and Assessment Centre Exercises are also useful to have. Inductive, Diagrammatic and error checking we hardly find in any Graduate Test for Finance, Accountancy, Law or Consultancy.

Overall Winner

While we accept that AssessmentDay might not have the most visually appealing website ( as its not wordpress based ) versus say GraduateFirst or PracticeAptitudeTests we feel that it hands down offers a better test experience and the depth of each test is better than its competitors. It also offers better worked example answers. Also Critical Thinking tests are hard to come by on the web and that alone more that tips it in AssessmentDay's favour.

Click HERE to buy it now.

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