Secrets to the Ultimate kickass Graduate CV and what to include

A lot of websites still charge for CV writing or review services but there should be no need to pay for this in this day and age.

There are currently over 2000 sites purportedly being experts and charging for CV services.

Many are mostly entrepreneurial students making extra money on the side or written by people in between jobs. There are also sites that will farm the work out to the lowest bidder to get this work done for you.

If you're paying make sure you ask who is actually doing your rewrite and what they do for a day job.

The only thing you should pay for is if you were asking someone to write your CV for you from scratch, as this would require a full 6-8 hours of going through a good 3-6 years of history and picking bits out that would make an exemplary CV for a graduate.

Use STAR, CAR, SAR or TAO principles for CV writing where possible, this practice will help you immensely when you do your face to face interview preparation which should follow the same principles.

CVs should always be targeted to a particular job or company so must be different for every submission.

Your paper CV is only visually scanned for between 6 to 30 seconds, so make sure its focused for the position you are applying for. Companies use software to scan CVs for key words, make sure you use them! For a list of key words to use and what not to use click here.

Leave out your address, date of birth, age, gender to save on space as they are irrelevant. A graduate CV should be maximum no more than 1.5 pages long and in 80% of cases not more than an A4 page long. Do not reduce the font to save on space as you have to understand if its hard for an anyone to read it goes in the bin.

Use Arial or Verdana font, they look "cleaner" than Times New Roman.

Make sure that grammar, punctuation and spelling is perfect. A surprisingly 40% of CVs still contain such errors. We know dozens of cases where a candidate gets to the final hurdle and wasn't picked as there were CV errors on closer inspection vs the competing candidate.

The above is important as businesses are ultimately there to make money and errors show a lack of attention to detail which could cost the company money down the line. Hence if there are errors you're out.

Lastly do a visual layout and format check by holding it in front of you, it should look ordered with some semblance of symmetry.

And when you have done all the above and need a free review, upload your CV on our contact page here.

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