What is the pass mark for Graduate Psychometric testing?

Recently we have seen many hours and hours of posts articles and comments on this...DON'T READ THEM!

The reason is that it shouldn't matter to you, don't waste your precious time thinking about it. You tried your best now focus on the next job application!

Time is the most precious gift you have, it is the precursor to your loved ones or friends, without it you won't need to think about food let alone money etc.... use it wisely.

Back to topic......

The pass mark depends on:

-The company, which might have a preset benchmark set in stone so if they don't find any candidates none get in.

-How big it is and if they have a set quota to fill just to get to the next stage

-The actual job itself, ( eg model validation in an investment bank where strong maths is needed )

-The numbers that apply

-When the application is received by the company

Companies consider any/all of the above and the pass mark could vary across the period of recruitment.

Your aim in the test is to get as many questions correct in the shortest possible time. Just do your best and forget it after you've done it, do not go asking how other people did or what questions they answered or how they answered them, it won't help you! You don't need an ego boost nor do you need to be psychologically battered.

Here's our own company's tip on increasing your probability of passing. Always do/take/opt to take your test 3/4 the way into the Psychometric testing calendar of any company if you think you won't ace it, as there is a possibility if they haven't reached the quota of people meeting their minimum quartile/percentage the company will lower their "pass" mark. That would be the strategy for someone that knows they are not very good at the test. So it benefits a weak candidate to schedule a test 3/4 way in!

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