Frequently Asked by Clients

You Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Can we call you?

Yes if its not too late please call us and have a chat, we based in london not in some far flung corner of the world. We do this on a full time basis hence we do not hide behind email only support.

What is your pass rate?

Our pass rates over the last 3 years average around 95%, test failures are mostly from a few boutique hedgefunds which do not use questions from any of the commercial testing firms.

What tests do you cover?

We cover all psychometric testing currently used in the UK, USA, Canada specialising in tests used in the Big 4 Accountancy, Audit firms, Management Consultancies, Investment Banking, Retail Banking and Law firms.

When are your peak periods?

Typically October to February as that is the peak time for graduate online tests as applications mostly open in July to August, although we are also busy at other times in the year as there are placements and internships at some firms throughout the year.

Who are your clients?

Our client based is split between 65% from the UK and 35% from places ranging from Russia to China to the Middle East. Some are time poor or suffer from anxiety etc we have also seen many parents sponsor their children for our services.

Are your services confidential?

Our services are 100% discreet and confidential, all our data is fully encrypted.